Robot Missions improves natural spaces with the help of robots. The company's low-cost robot is designed for environmental observation, cleanup, and restoration. The primary objective is to increase efficiency of park operations with robots automating tasks. The first application is reducing the accumulation of small-sized pollution on shorelines. As manual efforts will not be sustainable as pollution levels increase, Robot Missions's robot makes this more efficient. Unlike large machinery, the robot is less intrusive and can access more locations.

Robot missions will be starting municipals trials in summer 2018 to reduce the amount of litter and pollution on the beach. They need help to build added components and mechanisms to improve upon the robots.

The goal is to modify the robot for environmental restoration. After trash cleanup, the area should be tested for good soil and restored by planting new grass, wild flowers, etc. You can come up with anything related to environmental restoration, here are some suggestions to start with:

-Seed planter

-Moisture probe

-Water the soil

-pH testing

-Toxin detector

-Testing plant health

-Weed removal

-Insect sampler

-Soil sampler

You will be making an attachment for the current robot. This can operate independently, but it can also send commands (e.g. tell robot to go forward), and receive commands (e.g. robot IMU pitch) through a wired serial connection.

List of Equipments: Not informed.

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Project Proposal: Environmental Robot
Erin Kennedy
Oct 3 2018

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