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This project was completed in our GNG1103 class for clients JAMZ a drone delivery service to promote contactless delivery during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. The members of this team were Maurice Hartlieb, Mathieu Lagacé-O’Connor, Brad Cole, and Jean Gaster.

Our overall was to provide the JAMZ delivery service with a simplistic and user-friendly interface for their drone delivery app. This app will coordinate with the drone to help users access and use it without difficulty. The app is designed to inform users of any trouble with the delivery of their package, real-time tracking of the drone, and the ability for users to customize their interface with personal favorites. This app will be used to order food, track the delivery drone, and lastly allow the user to confirm delivery. Although the app is not entirely complete we have attached the reports and progress of our project.

The User Guide attached will help individuals recreate our work using the application Android Studios. (The link attached below are clips on how the app will work)


JAMZ- Group A13 GNG1103 Project
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