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In this design project, our team was entrusted with producing a mealtime carbohydrate tracking application for diabetic users that will regulate their diabetic conditions and increase harm-reduction efforts amongst all users.

The main priority that was established at the beginning of the design process was that first and foremost, we needed to empathize with our client and truly understand their needs and wants.

The design of our mobile application is that of an ADD-friendly one created using MIT App Inventor that allows the user to input up to 5 meals and for each of these meals, the resultant carbohydrate contents (sugars, starches and fibers) are displayed for the user to see. This data is then stored in the app. The user can select from four different meal categories; breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. The user can also view their past meal history, all given personal information, and can take note of their meal history data and send that to their healthcare professionals, for further analysis of one's diabetic conditions. All in all, our app will help aid in regulating many diabetic users' lives. 

The cost to make the app was $0 and is free-to-use. Some struggles that one might face in replicating our design are creating complex functions such as the addition of Bluetooth (Wi-Fi-independency), not exceeding the maximum storage capabilities, and making the app aesthetically pleasing to view. Since App Inventor is free-to-use, it does not have the visual appeal that other app designing programs have.

Please note that the attached .aia file contains the app's source code and is the one to be edited in the App Inventor web application, while the .apk file only allows for viewing the app when downloaded onto one's computer or mobile device. Detailed instructions for sharing and downloading/running the application are listed in the link below.,the%20email%20from%20their%20phone.

The members of our team include:

Abdel Baig

Ansh Patel

Benjamin Akkinusi

Bora Baskaya

Dylan Neil
GNG2101 Team D1 - BAPN Designers - Mealtime
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