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Jonathan Rausseo, Officer of Campus Sustainability at the University of Ottawa conveys a need to have a cost-effective alternative to removing snow and ice from walkways and sidewalks that is either rollable or modular, lightweight and easy to store.

Our team tackled this problem by coming up with a modular heated sidewalk. The sidewalk features a central, self automated control system that controls the heating of the sidewalk. 

The sidewalk is very grippy due to the material that is used and is also very durable. In fact, the material is recyclable making it environmentally friendly. The material also has channels, allowing for water channelling in order to prevent ice/water accumulation on top.

As mentioned, the sidewalk is scalable and modular. This is because the sidewalks feature easy magnetic and water tight electrical connections. Therefore, it is very easy to attach multiple units. 

The sidewalk is also accessible and inclusive as an end piece is designed to have a slight ramp to it. This makes it easy for people using things like scooters or wheelchairs to get easily on and off the sidewalk.  
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