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Project Information / Information sur le projet
Possible technologies involved / Technologies possibles impliquées: CAD, woodwork.
Project Type / Type de projet : Spécifique au client / Client Specific
Expected project cost / Coût prévu du projet cost: $100
Client Information / Information sur le client
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Project background / Contexte du projet
AOPFNs Neya Wabun Guardian Program is working on environmental monitoring in the region but currently have no infrastructure to do so. They are looking for a building which would be multi purpose to fit the needs of the program.

To move forward in their planning for this building they need plans and ideas for what it could look like as well as prototypes for a plant processing station, you can pick either one:

Here are a list of needs that would be required:
  1. equipment storage space 
  2. five small offices
  3. a lab type space that would include a space for 7 people to work and comfortably, meet in for debriefing, as well as be used for plant processing and storage
  4. a small kitchen and a washroom
  5. an outdoor lean-to type space for parking multiple vehicles/doing outdoor work 
Plant processing
A multi purpose station is needed to process the plants that are harvested. It must have space to work with the plants recently collected as well as space to dry some plants for a longer period of time out of the way. The drying section should include a dehumidifier. It must be able to hold all the tools and any other ingredients necessary for each step and be big enough for 2 people to work at the same time comfortably to process the plants into medicines and tinctures. Once they have been dried and processed there should also be space to store them temporarily to be distributed. A space for a freezer is also needed for storage. Ideally it should be mobile.
The station should include power for computers where a database of plants collected would be kept. A database and tagging system would be a bonus for your design.
The station should also be able to accommodate future work for water sampling.

Past attempts / Tentatives précédentes
There has been no previous attempt to solving this problem. / Il n'y a pas de tentatives précédentes pour résoudre ce problème.

Environmental Monitoring Building
Sep 1 2023