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Project Information / Information sur le projet
Possible technologies involved / Technologies possibles impliquées: Programming, microcontrollers, 3D printing, laser cutting
Project Type / Type de projet : General
Expected project cost / Coût prévu du projet cost: $100
Client Information / Information sur le client
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Project background / Contexte du projet
The Toronto Mill Street Brewery is looking to optimize some of their processes in their brewery and has 2 possible projects for you to tackle.

Overall Equipment Efficiency
The whole beverage packaging line in the brewery is made up of different stations which are connected with conveyors. The filler station in the packaging process is a bottleneck in the process since it has to be done more slowly then the rest of the line and it can affect the production capacity of the entire line.

The production line speed can be set by using the V-curve theory as explained here.  It would result in having the empty bottles/cans decelerating when arriving to the filler and the re-accelerating when leaving as full bottles/cans.

The clients are looking at the throughput of the entire line and would like to make sure that it is always working at top efficiency. Your task is to design a system where speed data from the conveyors can be inputted to do an analysis of the system. The system should identify areas that are and are not running at optimal rates. The system needs to be easy to use and properly identify areas that are non conforming. It should be able to make recommendations if the speeds are not optimal. Ideally a clear and useful user interface for the operators.

Malt Grain Dust Measurement
When grains get transferred from different containers/places in the brewery lots of dust gets generated from the grains breaking down. To move the grains out of the silo they use a chain and puck system in the pipes however it brings the dust along as well. They have a dust collector to get rid of some of the unwanted dust but it is not smart and doesn't know when it's being overloaded.

The clients are looking for a way to monitor the dust contents in-line (in a transfer or unloading line). Your task is to design a device that can detect the dust concentration in the line and warn the operators if levels are at certain thresholds. The device should be easy to maintain and adjust the threshold values.


Past attempts / Tentatives précédentes
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Mill St. system optimization
Jan 19 2023

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