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Project Information / Information sur le projet
Possible technologies involved / Technologies possibles impliquées: Microcontrollers, programming, 3D printing, laser cutting, machining.
Project Type / Type de projet : General
Expected project cost / Coût prévu du projet cost: $100
Client Information / Information sur le client
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Project background / Contexte du projet
The uOttawa dining hall has spent a lot of money on a vertical hydroponic unit made by a past CEED staff. It now has some problems and needs an upgrade to be able to work properly and be used continuously. There were also many features for the unit (like pH monitoring) that were not originally included because of time and financial constraints that the client would now like to have and which would be essential for a more automated system that could be self-sustaining. 

Past attempts / Tentatives précédentes
Many teams have worked on hydroponics projects in the past which might be useful. You can find their attempts here:

Hydroponic Tower
Oct 13 2022