A need exists to support a Tobii Dynavox I-12+ in a stable fashion on a wheelchair, bed, and hospital bed, while being accessible for our client Treena, maintaining a sleek design, and working within the constraints of cost and time.

Our solution is a robust, modular, fully adjustable segmented arm that is held in place by the weight of a bed, and maintains its orientation through the use of press-and-click locking joints. The arm features a 3D printed tablet mount at its end in which a Tobii Dynavox I-12+ easily slots into, and on the other end a flat base that uses the weight of the bed to keep the whole arm stable.

The cost of our project was roughly $120.

Important details to consider when recreating our design would be to use Adjustable Locking Technologies' Variloc Medium Duty Thermoplastic Hinges, which are a focal part of our project. In addition, the tablet mount is an important load bearing part of the arm and should be printed with a high infill to achieve the ideal strength.

GNG2101-A8-Adaptive Communication
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