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 Air pollution in cities is a rising concern, and it is well known that fossil fuels consumed by vehicles are a major contributor. Our project is a pollution monitoring device that functions primarily to collect data about transportation-related pollution levels in the city throughout the day. The device will focus on collecting data on levels of particulate matter and carbon dioxide. We also aim to study the influence of electric vehicles and localized human activity on pollution levels. The device is based on an existing prototype, which is a module mounted on an e-bike. We aim to scale down and simplify the module to make it more human portable and user friendly, while simultaneously streamlining the collection and visualization of data.

Contributing members:

Adrian Iannantuono, 300071774
Drishya Suresh, 300322663
Max Shui, 300259431
Myron Soares, 300346181
Tarin Sultana, 300393224 
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