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The Volunteer Call Bell System is an integrated Raspberry Pi application that allows patients at hospitals to call volunteers independent of the already integrated Nurse Call Bell System. The system allows less urgent requests (i.e. turning on the television, grabbing a glass of water, picking up a toothbrush) to be fulfilled by a non-medically trained volunteer. This leaves serious or life-threatening calls to be responded to by trained nurses.

The system connects to a Google Firebase database and when the remote is clicked by the patient, it creates a call on the cloud, which can be remotely accessed from upwards of 100 other devices. This enables volunteers to be directly dispatched from their center on the first floor in an organized fashion.

Our system was not fully functional by design day, so we created a proof of concept app to visualize our concepts.

GNG2101 Volunteer Call Bell System Fall 2017
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over 2 years ago

Life changing project, 10/10