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-Problem Statement
JAMZ Automated Delivery needs accurate data on their product's temperature and humidity to be constantly transmitted to their drone operator in all stages of the order from the payload to customer reception
-Summary of Proposed Solution
The main goal of this project is to develop a reliable solution that generates information about the content of the package during delivery. The device should provide valid and consistent data on the temperature and humidity of the food and send a warning to the drone’s microcontroller (Raspberry Pi) when the conditions inside the package are not ideal.
-Total Cost
Since we did not have much experience with the code, we had to spend a lot of time on it.
-Description of Design Files
From deliverable B to K, we have uploaded 10 files in total, including 7 of them are design files and 2 are presentation files. The one we did not upload, Deliverable A, is uncorrelated with our design. The final one is Deliverable K that is the user and product manual. Other Deliverables between A and K are the processes and prototypes for the product.

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