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 The client is the father of a six-year-old girl who suffers from the condition arthrofibrosis. This condition affects all her joints, especially those in her limbs and extremities, causing her to experience limited mobility and flexion, and reduced strength. These constraints make it difficult for her to complete the everyday task of buckling a car seat belt on her own, as it is difficult for her to reach and use both arms to hold the seat belt components. The client has not attempted to produce his own solution due to a lack of materials, expertise, and equipment (3D printer, CNC laser cutter, etc). The product’s goal is to aid the girl in reaching for the male part of the seatbelt and guiding it to the secured/stationary female counterpart, to finally click them together to secure herself safely. The client has a budget of $50 for the product/solution. 
GNG2101-Z24-Belt Buddies-Seat Belt Guide
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