- Use 2x4 lumber to build the main frame 5.5' high and 2' wide

- Leave a 1.5' gap in the middle of the frame

- Place a transparent rubbermaid bin (your choice of size) resting at the bottom of the frame

- Drill in 4 lockable wheels in each corner at the bottom of the frame to allow it to be portable

- Use pex tubing and pex tees to rig up the waterlines up the side of the frame, branching it off at each pvc pipe mounted horizontally which represents the housing units

- Install 1.5' 2x4 lumber in the gap of the frame to allow mounting points for the housing units (PVC pipes)

- Drill 2 inch holes in the housing units 9 inches apart from each other (5 total)

- Use the pex tees as drippers for each of the 2 inch holes

- Attach a 500GPH water pump to the end of the pex tubing and put the pump in the reservoir tank

- Install rope LED lighting under each housing unit to provide light for the housing unit under it

**Pictures are included in the uploaded files**

Hydroponic System Design C11
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Apr 4 2018
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