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As the digital world is growing in popularity and importance, it is very difficult for individuals with limited hand mobility to navigate these personal electronic devices. In essence, someone who cannot use a touchscreen or a computer mouse due to a lack of fine motor skills is isolated from this community. Therefore, MY-DJ focuses on designing a durably-encased joystick ideal for a user that bears poor fine-motor skills and limited hand mobility.

MY-DJ is a flat-topped adapted joystick mouse that eliminates the need to grasp the joystick handle. Through its 3D printed components and casing, the joystick mouse is sturdy which eliminates the damage from accidental falls. It is also lightweight therefore, it can easily be adapted to everyday life.

The joystick mouse utilizes the open-source Arduino Joystick Mouse code with mouse speeds adjusted to suit the user. A secondary open-source software can also be installed if an auto-click feature is desired.

The joystick mouse is created by assembling the series of device components. The microcontroller sits comfortably in the base, insulated by foam padding. The shaft is affixed onto the first analog axis by means of elastic tension between the custom ring and shaft. The second analog axis and the flat hand-pad with a textured grip pad are located on the other end of the shaft. This secondary axis keeps the user's hand flat at all times, reducing strain on the user's wrist if their maneuvers are rough and abrupt.

Once assembled, an upper case is added to cover the internal hardware and protect it from dirt, dust and damage.

Although a simple modification to the current joystick mouse on the market, MY-DJ wants to fulfill one promise and it is connecting more users with the digital world around them.

Last Edited: 12 January 2018 (YB GNG2101)

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