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Utilizes a repository of open-source VR components collectively used for assembling a university-level lab environment suitable for macro-micromolecular visual learning; simulating chemistry labs on HTC vive VR environments.

The Folder 'Project 1' Contained the environment the user would be in, allowing the user to experience a kitchen like scenario in the macroscopic level.

The Folder 'Project V1' contained the microscopic environment with molecules interacting with one another and with the user, all depending on how the user interacted in macroscopic scenario


The openChem repo is created by Tony Kim, Azfar Azfar, Ahmed Osman, Bradley Liu and contains our projects under file names: "Project 1" and "ProjectV1", which uses certain assets and components from repos "SBHacks" and "Atomive": two libraries that have been forked into the openChem repo for redundance and easy asset importability within project 1 and V1.. Sources for SBHacks and Atomive are cited in read-mes of each repository file.

openChem VR F10
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Apr 5 2020
HTC Vive
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