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the Canada 150 Gala. What it needs exactly from us is to have something steampunked themed, be interactive, have some electronic component, and to generate a wow factor in viewers of the gala. Steampunked themed is a very Victorian England, or Industrial Revolution themed, with a large amount of gold and metallic colours. Steampunked themed also means that there is a lot of gears and other rustic things involved that give a very Industrial Revolution time period.

We decided to break this down into a three-part wearable consisting of the cane, the backpack and the mask. We attached pictures of all of them and their different prototypes in a separate folder. We broke it down to try and cover all of their needs using the different parts of the wearable to cover them individually. This would also give us the most costume like figure rather than just a single wearable making it better for the gala.

We decided on the cane and made it to add to the steampunked theme, along with having an interactive electronic component. This is because of how the cane was easy to pass around to different viewers who would come would be able to press the button on the cane and use the lights on it, generating the wow factor.

We decided on the backpack and made it to add to the steampunked theme, and to provide a wearable part to the project. This was mostly aesthetic and just adding onto the entire costume feel for the project.

We decided on the mask and made it to add to the steampunked theme as it was based off a plague doctor mask, which was widely found in the time period in question. It also had a light in it that was triggered when the motion sensor was triggered. This three-part wearable is what we decided to be the best way to fulfil all of the requirements given, with the three parts being the mask, the cane and the backpack.

In this file, we are submitting a 3D solidworks sketch of the gear top for the cane. We are also submitting the Arduino code for the motion sensor triggered light which was a part of the mask. The final thing we are submitting is a pdf including all the pictures of the prototypes

Three-piece steampunk themed wearable
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Apr 11 2017
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