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The opioid crisis has caused over 10 000 overdose deaths in Canada since 2016. 94% of those are accidental and young Canadians aged 15-24 are the fastest growing overdose population. Overdoses are happening with both illegal and prescription drugs and touches every sector of the population. The main signs of an overdose is a low respiratory rate and low oxygen saturation levels in the blood.

Our project is to create a device that can detect a person overdosing and send a signal to a loved one/paramedics to alert them that something is wrong and indicate the location of the person. Another important factor is that it must be reliable, not be intrusive or hard to use for the user since they must want to use it consistently.

O2-POD -- An Opioid Overdose Monitoring Device C6
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about 3 years ago

so totally cool and awesome ! such technology, much wow !