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Project Information / Information sur le projet
Possible technologies involved / Technologies possibles impliquées: Programming, 3D modelling, VR.
Project Type / Type de projet : Spécifique au client / Client Specific
Expected project cost / Coût prévu du projet cost: $50
Project background / Contexte du projet
There is a relatively new sport called Padel ball which combines squash and tennis (think tennis with walls which you can use to bounce the ball onto the other side). Just like tennis or golf, athletes would be interested in stats and technique analysis to be able to improve. Here is an example developed for tennis:

This client is working on designing a computer vision based motion capture system which measures the precise position of the ball in Padel ball matches at any given time on the court; this information would then translated into a 3D visual in realtime as well as saved for post match analysis. 

Your task is to create a 3D environment where the position of a ball can be tracked in realtime and displayed on a virtual court. The position and speed of the rendered ball should be as accurate as possible. For this project you can use one camera to test your system however the end goal is to have multiple cameras around the court for more accurate data capture. Therefore the virtual environment should be able to accept data from multiple sources, a part which would be expended on in the future.

Past attempts / Tentatives précédentes
There has been no previous attempt to solving this problem. / Il n'y a pas de tentatives précédentes pour résoudre ce problème.

Digital twin for Padel Ball
Aug 28 2022