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Project Information / Information sur le projet
Possible technologies involved / Technologies possibles impliquées: 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics.
Project Type / Type de projet : Spécifique au client / Client Specific
Expected project cost / Coût prévu du projet cost: $50
Project background / Contexte du projet
Computer Wise is helping to set up a communication board for this Client. To point to different items on her communication board, this client would need an LED pointer mounted to a pair of glasses. She would also like to be able to turn the pointer on and off independently.

Your task is to design a mount for an LED pointer that can easily be installed on the glasses but be rugged enough to provide a stable gaze with the pointer. It must also be easy to replace the batteries in the pointer when needed or be charged. It must be able to be turned on and off by the Client using her head.

Past attempts / Tentatives précédentes
There has been no previous attempt to solving this problem. / Il n'y a pas de tentatives précédentes pour résoudre ce problème.

Communication pointer mounting
Jul 25 2022