The vast majority of residential houses or low rise housing units have stairs as their only entry. And most of these have no hand rails on the stairs. This seriously limits the ability of people with mobility and vision issues and/or use mobility devices such as walkers, wheelchairs and scooters to visit or leave such dwellings. A simple ramp is fine for one step. But beyond that, ramps should have handrails on one or both sides. Not all houses can make use of a permanent ramp let alone a portable one. But by creating portable, safe and affordable ramps with handrails and getting them out into the communities, we will improve the quality of life for a great many people. This could be developed as a complete package of ramp and handrails, or as a handrail system that can be attached to or used in conjunction with currently available portable ramps.

List of Equipments: Microcontrollers, Programming, 3D printing/Machining.

Project Proposal: Portable Ramp with Handrail
Jan 21 2020