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 Every year, millions of plastic spoke protectors end up in landfills and waterways, harming wildlife and polluting our planet. Traditional materials simply aren't sustainable, and cyclists deserve a better choice. 
  Introducing the future of spoke protection! Introducing our revolutionary biocomposite spoke protector, crafted from natural flax fibers and eco-friendly resin. It's lightweight, durable, and built to last, protecting your spokes while respecting the environment. 
 Our bio composite protector is not just eco-friendly, it is superior. It boasts superior strength and flexibility, offering unmatched protection for your spokes and gears. Plus, unlike plastic, it biodegrades at the end of its life, leaving no harmful trace behind.
  So what? Imagine a world where every cyclist chooses a sustainable option, reducing our environmental footprint and safeguarding our planet for future generations. Who cares? Every cyclist, every outdoor enthusiast, every nature lover. Why us? Because we believe in pushing the boundaries, because we're passionate about cycling and the planet, and because we believe you deserve a better choice. 

Submitted by: 
Pradip Pahadi, 300278030
Nikhil Dawar, 300333434
Subina Verma, 300315156
Advaith Kulasekaran, 300319307
Ali Bakhsh, 300324449

GNG5140-Bio-composite Spoke Protector (Modular Ultralight eV Prototyping)
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