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COVID-19 has dominated the world's agenda, and mandatory lockdowns were introduced in many countries to help control the spread of the virus. For many of us, the lockdown was inconvenient, but for others, the search for freedom was much more desperate. Measures such as lockdown and distancing rules, have led to an increase in domestic violence – in particular intimate partner violence against women (VAW). Using multi-continental research collected by the United Nation surrounding violence against women, a narrative anchored by facts was quilted. To produce an artistic concept to palate our data, we chose to use two visual fashions; a world map website that easily encompasses the hard data we collected according to the country and a comic strip which explores the narratives of victims of VAW using statistics. By creating these two mediums, users are able to visualize the hard data in a familiar yet explorative manner and relate a compelling story that artistically highlights the shocking facts behind the story. 
The Shadow Pandemic
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3 months ago

The following are the links to our live final products.
The World Map Data Visualization
The Comic Artistic Visualization