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For this semester's GNG1103, my group, Team 13, was asked to make a device that detects overdose opioids and contacts emergency services within 3 minutes in an attempt to save the person overdosing's life. During the client meeting we were informed that the best way to recognize an opioid overdose is by checking Blood Oxygen levels using an oximeter; if ones SPO2 dips below 85% the chance of them having an overdose is really high. This project required a lot of programming and electrical knowledge to work. We worked a lot with codes, Arduino Controllers, Sensors, Bluetooth etc. to make this project work. We also took advantage of the school's 3D printers. Our final project was supposed to be a watch with an inbuilt pulse oximeter that connects to an app. This app with receive your heart rate and blood oxygen levels and will contact your emergency contact when having an overdose. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we were unable to complete the project.

Opioid Overdose Device - Team C13
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