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This project is an artistic data visualization exploring the shape of a tree to represent four main aspects of the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry. The project was created for the STEAM Design course (DTI6304/AHL2100/GNG3100), which is an interdisciplinary design course that involves students from Digital Transformation and Innovation, Arts and Engineering. Our group worked on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

The focus of our project is to expose the environmental impacts of fast fashion, showing how it contributes to microplastic pollution, CO2 emissions, wastewater, and textile waste. Our solution is to create an artistic visualization through a tree illustration. The message that our project is aiming for is to raise awareness on the impact of Fast Fashion and make people reflect on their consumption habits. 

The tool used for this visualization project is Adobe photoshop. The cost for the license is 20$/month. It would be a struggle to duplicate this prototype as we have a variety of datasets and the image is hand-drawn.
SDG12B - Fast Fashion Environmental Impact
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