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B21-Waterproof hearing aid

The statement to the problem is : To design and produce a functional set of waterproof hearing aids while still optimizing the functionality and user experience for people who suffer with hearing loss.

Proposed Solution: Our design idea was to modify an over-the-ear hearing aid that is rechargeable with a Micro USB cable and to modify it to produce a hearing aid that is waterproof, thus, functional when immersed in water. This was done by waterproofing the electronics, microphone and charging port separately. To waterproof the charging port, we used a magnetic charger with a removable charging head. We then plug the charging head in and seal it using either silicon glue  so that it remains in place to block off the charging port and stop water from entering. The hearing aid will then be recharged just by attaching the magnetic cable to the end of the charging head.  This method of charging will ensure that the charging port is sealed at all times. To waterproof the electronics, we disassembled the casing on the hearing aid and cover all the electronics, except for the microphone which will be covered by a different material, in clear nail polish. We then put the casing back on. This will allow the nail polish to act as a second barrier of waterproofing in case any water were to enter the hearing aid and come into contact with the electronics.

Cost: The total cost to produce this headset is about $43 at the time of purchasing the materials.

Problem points: If this project will be duplicated insure that you have a good seal around the microphone with the waterproof fabric. Also ensure that multiple of coats of clear nail polish are applied to the electronics and hearing aid. Although it is not required, sealing the seams of the hearing aid with silicon caulking or clear nail polish adds an extra layer of protection against moisture.
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