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The National Capital Region is approaching 100k or 10% of the population that cannot find a primary care physician. While there is a Provincial portal to add your name to the list, unfortunately, this results in extremely long wait times. At the end of it all, patients looking for doctors resort to google and search in expanding concentric circles from their home address in the hopes of finding doctors accepting new patients. To compound this problem, many doctors are approaching retirement age, with some accelerating their retirement due to the stresses of COVID. However, due to the complexity of some practice plans and the financial model in the province, the retiring doctors are finding it challenging to locate a doctor to take over their practice. This additional difficulty will only exacerbate the problem. 

Our task is to design a solution that allows more doctors to practice and see more patients through a combination of remote or telemedicine and new technologies. Economizing their cost structure by sharing infrastructures and applications will make their financial model more enticing and lead to changes within certain practice plans. This should then lead to changes in the system and more straightforward methods of finding a doctor and accepting new patients. 
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