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Everyday activities such as accessing a bag or backpack can be a struggle for wheelchair-bound individuals with limited upper body mobility.

The solution? A wheely good transfer device.

Our wheelchair backpack transfer device uses a mechanical solution. A steel pipe was bent to be fitted along one side and the back of the wheelchair. There is a lengthwise slit along the pipe rail, where the wheeled bag mounting component travels (similar to a curtain.) The user uses a pull cord to transfer their backpack from behind the wheelchair to the side of the wheelchair near the armrest, where it can easily be accessed. Once complete, the bag can be stowed to the back of the wheelchair once again. The Wheely Good Tranfer Devices helps to preserve independence in wheelchair users, and its mounting system is adjustable to account for different wheelchair dimensions.

It was a pleasure to work on this challenging project!

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GNG 2101[D] D3.2 - Wheely Good Transfer Device
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