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Note: Work on this project is ONGOING. Files attached are not final, and the project will not be complete until the end of the month. Do NOT attempt to replicate this project yet.

Problem Statement: Create a VR experience on behalf of Mines Action Canada and wider the Stop Killer Robots campaign to highlight the ethical concerns surrounding autonomous weapons and to bring the issue from being seen as theoretical to being realistic and presently relevant for decision-makers.

Solution: We are creating a VR experience using the Unity engine and the Steam VR plugin. This experience shows that autonomous weapons should not be used by emphasizing that autonomous weapons see people in terms of code instructions and data, and are therefore both more prone to discrimination and cannot see clearly through the fog of war. There is a secondary focus on emphasizing that such weapons are not only possible to build, but already close to battlefield-ready in our modern day and age; this is to show that the issue is urgent and not to be ignored.

Cost: The project will cost between $50 and $150 in 3D Assets, with the range existing in order to span a wide array of asset quality. Higher-quality assets will cost significantly more money than lower-quality assets, though based on the target quality of your simulation, higher quality assets may not be needed for everything (i.e. background environment in the distance can be lower quality without impacting the experience significantly, but any objects and environments the user interacts with must be higher quality, hence the $50 budget floor).

Concerns during production: This project may be time intensive for anyone attempting to replicate it. Cooperation may be tedious (or cost money due to the nature of Unity's Plastic version control system) in larger groups.
GNG-1103-F21-Stop Killer Robots VR Experience
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