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In celebration of Canada's 150th Anniversary, the Aviation and Space Museum in the nation's capital was to host a Gala where it would showcase many of Canada's great inventions. The challenge for our team was to create a steampunk themed innovation in the area of robotics which would compete with many other great innovations and inventions on Design Day at the University of Ottawa. If successful, finalists would be invited to the Gala to showcase their creation.

The aim of the project was to design, build and program a robot based on the Steampunk theme. We were to consider creativity, functionality of the robot, the technology that we were going to use, the user experience and how it was to interact with users as well as how we were going to convey our idea to the panel of judges that determined if we had what it took to be invited to the Gala.

As such, after much thought and effort, we built a Pez Dispensing, Light up, Pirate Parrot. Our thought process was that we wanted to do something that was fun and interactive for the user and would be a great addition to the Gala. We wanted to have the robot parrot on a pirate's shoulder who would walk around the gala and as people came to pet the parrot would be gifted a Pez candy. Furthermore, our sound activated lights would keep the parrot glowing as it responded to the sounds at the gala.

GNG1103-Group4-Pete the Pirate Parrot
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Apr 15 2017
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