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Mr. Paul and Mrs. Clinton from the Tetra society, a company providing solutions for people with physical disabilities, need a device to hold a tablet on a wheelchair tray. Tablet use on a wheelchair for a person with a disability is often an inconvenient process as the tablet is loose on the wheelchair tray and cannot be secured anywhere while transportation. The tablet holder must be installed on the tray permanently, must move from a hidden position to an open position where the tablet is easily accessible for the wheelchair user. The tablet holding device also must be slim and trim. Our solution to this problem was to was to create a tablet holder that is attached to the bottom of the wheelchair tray. This holder is automated to go up and down and is powered by a battery. This movement is propelled by an actuator. The cost of production of our product was fairly low. We had to purchase a 9V battery and an actuator. The wheelchair tray was bought for us by the client. the biggest struggle that we had with creating our product was coming up with a way to automate it. Our original solutions were very complex and expensive. Our advice to anyone trying to attempt this project is to keep it as simple as possible.

GNG2101-C33-Innovative Solutions
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