After given the task of creating a product for a real client, the group was required to apply the concepts taught to effectively solve the problem and produce a competitive design. The simplistic idea of a Lazy Susan was chosen and implemented into an automated steam punk themed rotating catering tray. All components were assigned materials to be constructed from, as well as a method of assembly. The top base was created first and included the metal dowels, that were placed in a spiral arrangement, with wooden plates accompanying the dowels. The base also supported the middle rod which held up the roof. The plates were made out of plywood and were traced and cut using a jigsaw. The plates sat on top of the metal dowels and were covered in aluminum foil in order to place food on them. The roof was based on a hexagonal pyramid to resemble the features of a bolt. It was wrapped in copper wire to enhance aesthetics. The bottom base was where the motor was stored and in order to cover that, sheet metal was wrapped around the edges of the bottom base. For the motorized functional aspect of the design, a rotisserie motor was used due to it's built in rotating features. Firm constraints had to be imposed to ensure satisfaction of the client's requirements. The most important included the time period and budget. The group's skill set, prototype size and available machinery took a lower precedent due to the ability to work around these restrictions. The pitfalls experienced included functionality and construction. The challenges manifested as having to assemble distinctly crafted pieces of the structure (plates, base, dowels, motor, and roof) to form the innovated motorized lazy Susan as well as fixing a motor that made the motorized aspect successful. Having the design successfully implemented does not prohibit further work to be done to improve it. Consequently, a smooth and consistent rotation, should be considered, hence, the rotisserie motor should be replaced with a stepper motor. Also, the dowels will be affixed firmly. Safety with the current structure will also be addressed by making sharp metal edges smoother . Further on, aesthetics will be implemented by having vapour escape from the plates and redesigning the structure of the roof.

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Apr 14 2017
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