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"Time for STEAM" is an interactive art project prototype showcased at uOttawa's Design Day for the 2018 Makerspace Challenge.

The concept is using recyclable materials from uOttawa's free store, some 3D printing and laser cutting to produce a clock system that keeps the time using a real-time clock. The clock, telephone dial, and cups move while the LEDs change colours as people walk by the leap motion sensor. There are also other elements representing the "A" in STEAM such as the picture frame with LEDs for visual art, the multi colour-lit keyboard for music, and a smartphone with a camera representing the viewers walking by as their pixelated forms as theater/ film art.

This piece was intended to remind viewers that art derives from technology developed over time, but technology has also grown by following the development of art.

Time for STEAM
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May 20 2018
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