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Did you know that in 2019, 4.4 million people suffered fatal injuries in emergency situations? Overcome with fear of something similar happening to her, our client came to us seeking a functioning emergency call device capable of reaching and sending out a quick alert to emergency services in the event of a dangerous situation.

Our team has developed a watch-like device and a mobile application of medium-high fidelity. In the featured prototypes, we have a complete watch assembly consisting of a watch case, watch bezel, watch crystal, a button, and a band. The watch is a simple design that can be easily worn on the wrist ensuring accessibility at all times. It is easily connected to the mobile application through strong and wide ranged bluetooth connectivity, accommodating the event that a user wearing the watch is separated from their phone. In terms of functionality, the user must simply hit the button that is found at the centre of the watch which will activate the device and send out a signal to request emergency aid as it is already connected to the app and optimized to the user.

Our prototypes were developed using Solidworks, 3D printing, Adafruit Bluefruit Circuit Playground, Laser cutting, and Android Studio.

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