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The Nintendo Switch joy-con controllers are not accessible to those with unique abilities, particularly users that can only interact with devices using their nose.

Prior designs have attempted external accessories that would adapt to the buttons on the controllers. However, the mechanical nature of these external adapters have created unnecessary force that made them difficult to use with the nose.

Therefore, this project strives to leverage the mechanics of the joy-con that already work for users by replacing the buttons with form factors that meet our client's needs.

The flat buttons, (plus, minus, home, screen capture), are not accessible. We have designed replacement buttons that are elevated to the same height as buttons that are already accessible so that there is parity in the user experience.

The back trigger buttons (L,R, ZL, ZR) are not reachable by our client. We have reverse-engineered these trigger buttons and have embedded magnets into them that make a bespoke lever component easier to interact with someone's nose. We use external magnets to allow the user to position these arms so that the ZL/ZR triggers can be held, which is helpful for accessing menus in our client's favourite games.

Course: GNG 2101
Group: 2.2
Switcheroos: Magnose
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Mar 21 2024
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