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Our Portable step (Step on it!) is a unique product as it achieves the needs of our clients which is portability and a step to use. A need for a portable step that could allow a person with difficulty reaching high stepping areas to use it in different places and ensure the safety of each user by making sure it can handle different surfaces as well as a variety of capacities. Our solution is using a scissor jack mechanism that has a minimum height of 3-inches and a maximum height of  16 inches. It is designed to be held or carried as a suitcase. The cost of this product is $299.99. The step also has a substep to help the users to use it. The first step is 2.8 inches long and the height from the first to the second step is exactly 3 inches. The platform is made of non-slippery material and surrounded by rubber tubing to prevent any injuries while stepping on it.
GNG2101-Z12-Step on it
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