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The client finds that they are spending too much time on note taking. Since the notes are always unrecognized to be copied, they are in need of a software that can convert their notes into a simple text format in a reasonable amount of time. 

The following concept is at a high-level, what we initially plan to prototype for the client. It will allow the client to perform the following features:

  • Import Class Notes into the application to be transcribed, and

  • Select a target directory to be used for saving files

In an effort to make the application easy for the customer to use, the amount of setup required by the user will be minimal and it will have very specific choices for the user in the graphical user interface. It’s majority of its functionality is abstracted away from the user so they will need to know specifics about the application, only what to “input” and what to expect as “output”
Automatic Slide Transcriber - GNG2101 - D01 - D4
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Mar 21 2021
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