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Many people who are handicapped, quadraplegic, and elderly have difficulty picking up everyday items from the ground. It is important that those in need have access to a product that makes this task easier for them in order to improve their quality of life and give them more independence.

Those affected by these conditions are in need of a lightweight portable device allowing them to pick up small items off the floor and to place them where they can then be picked up with ease. This device functions with the use of minimal force or difficult movement, and is easily activated without the use of dexterity. 

The PowerGrab Mk1 offers the ease of use necessary for its users  combined with the strength and reliability to withstand time. Its lightweight materials and ability to distribute weight make it easy for users to pick up difficult items. This device requires little effort to control due to its E-Z press buttons, and no gripping force is required. Its long lasting battery ensures the reliability that is essential in ensuring the highest quality of time for its users.
GNG2101-C3p2-Power Grabber-EH
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