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For the purpose of a course project, we were asked to use our engineering skills and knowledge to solve a engineering  problem.

In our case, we had a real client who was legally visually impaired and needed a solution to be autonomous while completing everyday tasks.

During the pandemic, it was hard for our client to go grocery shopping without the aid of a third party to read price tags, ingredient names or articles.

We therefore needed to listen and understand our client's needs and abilities in order to come up with an appropriate solution helping him increase his independence.

Our client stated that he owned a device running under IOS, which he used on a daily basis with the aid of Spoken Content & Audio Description (IOS accessibility features). The client also stated that he can perceive shades of neon colours and diverse shapes.  

Our engineering team came up with OCR 3: an app that runs under the Microsoft Power Apps platform.

The app offers optical character recognition from an image and prints it in a text box. The user can then use the Text to Speech features since they read out loud the printed text or save it in the clipboard for later use. In addition, the app is capable of isolating a price from an image and of printing it for the user to be read. The app was designed according to our client's needs, including “flashy” colours, simplicity in use, large buttons using big shapes and big text features.

OCR 3 Accesibility App Project
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