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In the context of the course ELG 3336 at the prestigious University of Ottawa, my team and I undertook a complex and demanding mechatronics project that required an innovative blend of mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer science.

Our task was to conceptualize, design, and build a multi-functional robot. For this purpose, we sourced a customizable robot kit from Amazon, which we expertly assembled and modified according to our specifications.

To ensure effective data acquisition, we incorporated a dynamic system and three distinct sensors into our design. The sensor suite included an infrared (IR) sensor for flame detection, a brightness sensor for light intensity measurement, and an ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement and obstacle detection, providing our robot with a broad spectrum of environmental awareness.

The core of our robot's processing capabilities lay in the Keyestudio microcontroller we used. This was complemented with a DC control shield and a sensor shield to enable effective sensor data reading and motor control. To further enhance our robot's functionality and safety measures, we introduced an innovative feature - a fan that could activate and extinguish a detected fire, positioning our creation as a potential life-saving tool.

The hardware setup was only one aspect of our project. On the software side, we dove into coding the robot to perform a variety of tasks autonomously. We developed algorithms for fire detection, autonomous navigation, flame detection using the IR sensor, and automatic fire extinguishing.

This combination of hardware and software culminated in a highly capable autonomous system that could react to its environment and take decisive actions, embodying the true essence of a mechatronics project.

We maintain comprehensive documentation of our project, and upon request, we can provide a full project report detailing our journey and findings throughout this project. For those interested in the specifics of the robot's programming, we have made our Arduino code available under 'Project Files'.

This project encapsulates our technical proficiency, teamwork, problem-solving, and our commitment to utilizing technology for safety and convenience. 

Automated Fire Truck Project
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Jan 10 2023
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