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As part of a university course (ELG 3336, University of Ottawa), we were asked to design and implement a mechatronics project.

For this project, we were asked to include a data acquisition system and 3 sensors.

We then purchased a robot from Amazon that we assembled and modified to our needs. 

The microcontroller used for the project is from Keyestudio with the DC control shield and sensor shield, we then added an IR sensor, a brightness sensor and an ultrasonic sensor. We also included a fan to turn off the fire when it is detected. 

We then coded the robot to perform the following tasks:

1. fire detection (using the fire sensor)
2. autonomous driving
3. Flame detection (using the IR sensor)
4. Extinguish the flame when it is detected 

upon request , full project report can be provided

Arduino code is provided under " Project Files"
Automated Fire Truck Project
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Jan 10 2023
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