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The problem our device seeks to solve is that Beyond the Pale Brewing Company needs to precisely and automatically measure the specific gravity of their fermentation process with an attached device that displays real-time data remotely, is easy to use, and can be removed for cleaning. Our device will accomplish this with a pressure sensor that will derive density and then specific gravity from the pressure readings in the tank. It will then transmit data via Bluetooth to an app on a device in the brewery to view and store the data. The total cost of the project design is $79.68. Challenges that may be faced when undergoing this project are effectively waterproofing the sensors and Arduino so they aren't damaged by the fermenting liquid and logging data graphically through an Arduino, which requires external code not written in C++. A detailed report along with .stl files for CAD models can be found under Project Files.
GNG1103-B1-Brewery Uno
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