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Tic Intel is a Canadian-based company that provides the most innovative physical tic protection glove to people who experience injuries from physical tics in their everyday life. 

Our product is designed to minimize injuries caused by physical tics while maximizing comfort and dexterity for everyday use. Using cutting-edge technology, the glove is able to accomplish this through optimized padding placement and the utilization of impact foam which allows for the glove to effectively dissipate kinetic energy during an impact. 

The dark color and slim design of the gloves enable its fashionable appearance and avoid the "hospital" look of common solutions from competing brands. 

This glove is also durable against cuts, heat and is meant to be worn for prolonged periods of time to truly suit your everyday needs.

If you are experiencing physical tics, you have the right to a solution that makes you happy. 

Chose happiness today with Tic Intel.
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