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Problem Statement:

JAMZ needs a modern, simple and easy-to-navigate drone food-delivery service application targeted toward rural areas outside of Ottawa who have limited access to other food-delivery services.

The solution we bring forth is a phone application that allows users to quickly and easily order food from their phone. Taking inspiration from popular food delivery apps such as SkipTheDishes and Uber Eats, and using the development platform Thunkable, we have created an app that is intuitive for veterans and newcomers alike. With many features that allow for the personalization and ease-of-use such as an account page, an order history, a shopping cart, etc..., this app best suits the needs of the suburban and rural population with it minimalistic and accesible design.

This project has cost no money.

If this project were to be duplicated, many difficulties would be faced in recreating the design as Thunkable is not the most customizable platform, though as this project is public, it could be directly duplicated to obtain an identical version. It is also noted that when working with Thunkable, it would be preferable to adjust size by percentage and not by pixel as Thunkable develops for every phone and every phone has different dimensions.

GNG1103-A14-JAMZ Food Delivery Application
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