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In order to help further relieve and understand the user’s Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder (HSD), our mobile application periodically notifies, recommends exercises, and provides a system to track their pain over time.

We have used Android Studio and Java. Take a look at our GitHub Repository for all our application/code progress, work, changes, and history: 
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The current state of our android application remains free, but may be subject to additional fees with further usage if the database is extended to the cloud and synced up; we are using the service of MongoDB for our database, specifically MongoDB Realm. Currently, the database is local and specifically stored on that device/emulator being used to run the application. With MongoDB Realm, if the database is extended to cloud-sync, other services of MongoDB could be used such as the data visualization tool MongoDB Charts; cloud syncing the database to MongoDB Realm in the cloud has the pay model of pay as you need. (There is a free limit of resources that refreshes monthly provided to users each month)

[Note: This is a proof of concept where data is retained in a database. Our application mainly simplifies the process of collecting data from the user, where additional features are merely additional]

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