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           For our project we used the iterative engineering design process. We also used effective tools learned in class such as elements of the design thinking model. 

          Our client has ADHD and is required to take medication on a daily basis. This task proves challenging to her because of the symptoms of her learning disability (her memory). Through our client meetings, we were able to better understand our clients needs. With this information we were able to develop the following problem statement: 

          Design, for those who have memory retention, and attention difficulties, a smart pill case that eases the pill taking process by 
             a.    organizing the medication, and
             b.    giving reminders
all while being economically advantageous to similar products on the market.

To complete this project you will need:
   -   6X AAA batteries and a holder for the batteries
   -   28BYJ-48 stepper motor
   -   IR LED and Receiver
   -   2X LED lights (yellow and red)
   -   Pololu A-star 328 pb
   -   Laser cutter (+ cutting materials)
   -   3D printer (+ Filament)
   -    A button
   -    2X 100 Ohm resistor
   -    180 Ohm resistor
   -  1/8" MDF board 
GNG2102 - Z5 - Medication Dispenser
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