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The project is a children's book with a story about a young boy in India and his actions to save the environment. The book also includes artistic visualizations on a deforested tree trunk and chimneys of a factory to show the loss of forests and increase in atmospheric pollution. The project was created for the STEAM Design course (DTI6304/AHL2100/GNG3100), which is an interdisciplinary design course that involves students from Digital Transformation and Innovation, Arts and Engineering. Our group worked on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13: Climate Action.

Our focus is to increase awareness and educate children about climate change and things that they can do to reduce the harsh impacts of mass deforestation for development. It is inspired from one of the sustainable development target which is to include climate change in the curriculum. 

The tool used for this visualization project is Procreate. The cost for the application is 10$. It also requires an iPad and apple pencil for the images drawn.
AHL2100-GNG3100-DTI6304- SDG-13 Climate Action
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