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Photoshops landscape is large, confusing, and difficult to learn for disabled artists. Helpo is a photoshop assistant designed to increase the digital art app's accessibility through interactive tool select feedback, voice commands, and a physical tool keyboard. The project could be built for less than $40. Groups trying to replicate this project should watch out for the scope of the project; it's very easy to forget about one area when progress is being made in another. Possible steps forward include: improving the colour picker design while keeping it accessible (no colour cloud), adding the option for line smoothing, a cleaner integration into the photoshop interface, the ability to select specific brush sizes and colours from Helpo directly, and the ability to select favourite tools or brushes.

If you want to use this software, please download the and Helpo.xml files. Unzip the .zip file and run the installer. To load up a profile, go to the top right, select load, and select the Helpo.xml file.

Made by Fall 2020 GNG 2101 - Accessible Digital Drawings Group A3. Made possible using GAVPI software.
Helpo - Your Photoshop Assistant A3
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