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We have developed various codes that allow a robotic arm to function with end-effectors and a user interface.

The video above is a feature of our design day presentation, where our user, Sam, shows how easy it is to use our solution. It features basic robot movement, Sam's interaction with the graphical user interface, an exemplary interaction with the camera and corrosion detection software, and a demo of the PIR sensors.

Our user Sam is fresh out of high school with little technical experience and decides to join the Royal Canadian Navy. Aboard the Halifax class destroyer, Sam is put to work removing the rust off the walls using sandblasters, vacuums and paint sprayers, a tedious and time-consuming task that our inverse kinematic solution solves. 

Our client requested an automated way to paint and remove corrosion from the walls. Our team of first-year engineers went above and beyond to implement corrosion detection software working alongside an OV7670 Arduino compatible camera. Our solution is ready from start to finish.

As a proof of concept of the client's need to water blast and paint corroded areas, our marker end-effector facilities this by drawing shapes using preset input coordinates. 

The solution is entirely automized with our graphical user interface featuring buttons directing to the Arduino libraries and camera interface.

For the safety of Sam and other crew members aboard, our PIR sensors looped with the Arduino interrupt function triggers the LED and buzzer to alert the crew member of the movement of the robot.

This project proved a big challenge for our team of first-year engineers. With tons of googling and time spent asking our TA for coding help, we are proud to present our finished solution to you!

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