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In this design project, our team was entrusted with producing an electronic device in response to the growing epidemic of the opioid crisis.

The main priority that was established at the beginning of the design process was that first and foremost, we needed to empathize with the user and truly understand their needs and wants.

Opioid users range from all sorts of age demographics; these include the homeless, adolescents, and even those employed in trades-based industries.

The design of our device is that of a watch which measures one's heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. These values, alongside the GPS tracking system coordinates, are then directly sent to the mobile application. A call is made to the user's emergency contact, who can then forward the call to emergency services if additional assistance is needed. All in all, our device will help save many lives and rescue others from potential life-threatening circumstances.

The members of our team include:

Abdel Baig

Ali Al-Zaidi

Bilal Ahmad

David Onoruvwe

Yazan Elmasry

C7 OP-Watch
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