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A greenhouse is designed and built to address the problem of the client and the needs of the users. Basing from the client's specifications, the Green builders managed to make a greenhouse that could be as sustainable to the users. The team incorporated their ideas into one sustainable greenhouse with five key systems: Insulation, Ventilation, Security, Water Collection, and Electrical power. Wood framing with polyethylene sheets covered with bubble wraps was used as insulation. Holes between the roof and walls were considered as ventilation, and a hanging fan was added to help the air circulation inside the greenhouse. For security, a simple lock is attached to the doors. Gutters were attached on the roof to gather the rainwaters, and the gutters were linked to a pipe that's connected to a storage tank that's inside the greenhouse. A solar panel is put on the roof to collect sunlight and produce electricity for the hydroponics system inside. Limitations such as time and cost were kept in mind. Given the cost limit of $250 dollars, choosing of materials were done wisely. And the whole construction was done in a total of 21-28 hours.

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