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Alternative means for environmental restoration implemented to Erin, from Robot Missions, on the existing Bowie robot during its mission will be evaluated upon its current abilities with an attachment that is lightweight, affordable, and uses materials that are environmentally friendly, to more effectively reduce the amount of litter and pollution on parks and beaches. During the Fall 2018 semester the key focus areas recommended are to prevent a large intake of sand to reduce scoop space for garbage, secure storage where Bowie can dock and recharge while not on duty, and wildlife monitoring and remote surveillance from a good quality camera, along with software.
Our design team has created a Secure Portable Storage Unit. When or if Bowie becomes a fully autonomous robot, it will need to be stored in a shelter. The shelter will protect Bowie from natural weather impacts and provide security for Bowie so there is no direct damage done by humans or animals. Considering natural weather impacts, the storage shelter will need to be durable enough to protect Bowie from wind, heavy rain, and very cold (and/or very hot) temperatures. The storage shelter will need to be big enough to hold Bowie, any non-permanent attachments, and a charging station to reach Bowie's battery. The amount of durable material will need to be determined by triple bottom line.

Secure Portable Storage Unit for Bowie
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Nov 29 2018
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